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 Welcome to Kennedy Road Charitable Gaming Association 

Kennedy Road Charitable Gaming Association(“KRCGA”) helps provide funding to dozens of local charities, non-profits and service clubs, helping to strengthen and revitalize our Toronto community.  KRCGA receives its funds directly from OLG who has an agreement with Rama Gaming House to operate and provide this charitable funding to them. It really is a Win-Win situation, Rama Gaming House works directly with our affiliated charities, non profits and service clubs to provide an extraordinary experience every day for its gaming patrons who appreciate the dedication our volunteers provide.

Charity Volunteers

Our Mission

We are a Charitable Gaming Association that aims to assist charities in raising funds through Charitable Gaming. Our platform connects charities with gaming enthusiasts, fostering a community-driven approach to fundraising.


Our Initiatives

We provide the support and volunteers to assist Rama Gaming House. Our gaming enthusiasts participate in these events wholeheartedly to support the cause.


Recent News

Can you imagine, in just 6 short months charities at Rama Toronto East have raised just over $3.2 million  Gaming and our partnerships with Rama.

Check out the Gallery !!

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Join Us

We welcome all gaming enthusiasts and charities to join us in our mission to make a difference. Together, we can create a positive impact on society.

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